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Baby Boomers By Buying Activity Mailing List

Available Channels:Postal, Email, Phone Consumer

  • 48,942,121 Postal Records (Universe)    $150.00/M
  • 5,419,860 Email Records  + $100.00/M
  • 3,942,240 Phone Records  + $85.00/M

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List Description

This list brings forth reliable, cost-effective consumer information for your next marketing campaign. The records from this mailing list are frequently hygiened on a monthly basis through National Change of Address processing as a service to our customers. Including (but not limited to) both geographic and demographic data, this particular marketing list creates the opportunity for marketing professionals to build new long-term customer relationships.

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About Baby Boomers By Buying Activity Mailing List

List ID: C00008805

Source: Internet/Online

Date Added: 09/16/2013

Last Update: 03/11/2017


Costs include set up/testing, deployment and tracking reports at 3 and 8 days. Reuse is available. 5,000 record minimum order and $350 minimum payment on all orders. Cancellation fees apply.

Currently there is no Usage information available for this mailing list.

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