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Business Building Owners Mailing List

Available Channels:Postal, Email, Phone Business

  • 1,013,013 Postal Records (Universe)    $100.00/M
  • 972,695 Phone Records  + $40.00/M
  • 98,566 Email Records  + $75.00/M

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List Description

Ready now, the Business Building Owners mailing list is the least expensive answer for direct marketers seeking to develop significant relationships using innovative methods. In addition to the available contacts, this file contains demographically diverse industry characteristics. Compiled from data bureaus and online sources, this file features sophisticated data specific to your advertising needs.

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About Business Building Owners Mailing List

List ID: B00000022

Source: Government Records

Date Added: 08/06/2013

Last Update: 03/17/2017


Costs include set up/testing, deployment and tracking reports at 3 and 8 days. Reuse is available. 5,000 record minimum order and $350 minimum payment on all orders. Cancellation fees apply.

Currently there is no Usage information available for this mailing list.

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