Attention List Owners and Managers

Approximately 1 out of 4 who requested list information from ListFinder purchased a list.

Exact Data is the exclusive sales arm of ListFinder. Consider posting your lists now and hiring Exact Data as your outsourced sales force.

Benefit to Posting Your List(s) on ListFinder

Lists posted to ListFinder get viewed. All data cards are optimized for search on all major search engines. All are released to major news and media outlets including but not limited to, Google News,, USAToday, Yahoo! News, etc. As well ListFinder itself advertises on all major search engines and direct marketing publications.

It's Free! Recognized list managers can post as many data cards as they choose to ListFinder and receive free exposure for their lists. Upgrades and site maintenance are free of charge as well.

Benefit to Outsourcing Sales to Exact Data on a Non-Exclusive Basis

Exact Data has over 40 dedicated sales professionals ready to sell your list. They use sophisticated CRM to connect and stay in touch with your prospects. Average time from inquiry to contact (during normal business hours) is less than 5 minutes. Average sales-cycle is 16 days. Reorder rate for the same list is approximately 35%*.

Exact Data keeps your clients warm. At regular intervals post-fulfillment, our system notifies the sales rep to follow up with your client to do discuss additional opportunities to use your lists.

How Do I Start?

This service is for List Owners and recognized List Managers only. If that is you, download our Excel spreadsheet containing complete instructions to post your lists on ListFinder. Once you have been approved as a Certified ListFinder Manager, link our site to your page using one of these image:

And we'll do the rest!

For more information about posting your lists on ListFinder, contact

*All stats from Q1, 2012.


Do I need to post the ListFinder Logo on my website?
No, but it is to your advantage. Not only does the logo give you a reciprocal link to (and from) a highly ranked, industry specific website, it shows that your managed lists have been accredited by ListFinder.
BE SPECIFIC. Give me exact numbers and verification.
In May, 2012 ListFinder's sister company Exact Data sold 535 lists managed by others. Average time from inquiry to sale was 16 days. Average sale was $1,214. See the complete breakdown of sales.
How do I update my lists?
The same form that is used for posting is used for updating.
Does ListFinder require exclusivity?
No. We suggest you continue to market your lists every way possible. ListFinder compliments your current marketing efforts, it does not replace them.
Is there a contract to sign?
No. When you submit your lists to ListFinder, you are agreeing to allow us to post them to ListFinder, and to market them (non-exclusively) on your behalf. If you change your mind, inform us in writing, and we'll remove your lists from ListFinder.
What are the advantages of posting my lists on ListFinder?
ListFinder pays to advertise your lists on the major search engines, and through press releases. Every list is promoted individually to attract as much attention to that list and ListFinder as possible. ListFinder, through its sister company Exact Data, earns standard brokerage commission selling your lists.
What are the costs involved?
There are none. It is free to upload your lists to ListFinder. And there are no monthly maintenance charges.

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